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25 years ago, exhaust manufacturers were inflating prices and performance gains. The industry was missing a product with a promise of integrity, quality and value: a product that consumers could trust. Martin and Ginger Barkey saw this as an opportunity to develop products they were looking for themselves, so they built MBRP with those values in mind.

With dozens of magazine covers, podium finishes, and continued diversification of product offerings, it would be easy to forget about the early days. But MBRP holds tightly to its beginnings because those days built the framework for where the company is today. Here’s the story.

Martin discovered his passion
Spending time around and watching his dad build exhausts helped shape Martin’s intuitive knowledge.

MBRP was founded
It started with a performance muffler for a sled.

Martin’s first experience with building exhausts came by way of his father. He saw his dad building an exhaust for a customer’s snowmobile and it inspired him to pursue that same craft

Eagle River Snowmobile Even
The trip across the border that changed it all.

Martin booked a spot at the biggest snowmobile event in North America. The Eagle River Derby.

Breaking into Automotive

Martin’s exhausts were a hit with their display at SEMA. They drove a fully customized Ford F-350 all the way from Canada to Las Vegas. The truck had all the newest, best parts on it. It was well received by everyone who saw it at the show. This first year at SEMA helped create many relationships that they still have today.

From the attention that their F-350 SEMA build was receiving, a magazine asked Martin to do a photoshoot. In Martin Barkey style, he didn’t just show the magazine his exhaust system. He showed it off. Martin gave the press a performance throughout the desert, jumping over dunes, throwing rooster tails in the sand, and giving them a real big show. He even busted the front axle on his truck while jumping the truck for the camera. The press absolutely loved it.

Diesel duals changed the industry
4 inches never looked so good

Martin and Ginger established themselves with 3-inch diesel exhausts. As a proactive and forward-thinking company, they weren’t complacent with their success. The entire MBRP team was constantly searching for the next big thing.

Big East PowerSports
The secret superpower of MBRP is its community

Back in the day, the Big East PowerSports Show overlapped with SEMA. Ginger would head up that event, while Martin was showcasing their products at SEMA. Ginger was meeting with people who consistently bought products year after year. She built relationships from those first meetings, and those customers became a part of the brand. All things they talked about at the shows were incorporated into the company. Feedback on products. Branding decisions and messaging.

Because they were heard as customers, they quickly became enthusiastic about the brand and shared it with others. The customers brought forward a new level of passion for the brand that exceeded Ginger and Martin’s expectations. That same passion contributes to the success MBRP has today.

Tested on the track proven on the street

There was one place left for MBRP to showcase its dominance: the racetrack. Martin and Ginger knew that if they could stand out with the race crowd, they could stand out with any crowd. And, for Martin, this was a natural calling. His love of cars, speed and competition were a perfect fit for the racetrack. As Martin’s said, “Racing is a passion and sickness all in one.”

Martin started pursuing track time in a Viper during track days at Mosport in 2009. Shortly after, he took his passion from track days to amateur racing with wins in CASC regional races and IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada.

In Martin's time on the track, He’s driven many different race cars and has raced in various series around the world. After years of hard-fought podium battles, Martin and his co-driver Kyle Marcelli took the 2019 Pro/Am championship in the Pirelli World Challenge GT3 series for Racer's Edge Motorsports with their Acura NSX. Apart from road racing, Martin has also raced off-road in deserts, rocks and short courses in Ultra4 Racing.

Motorsport is an essential part of MBRP. That's why MBRP supports professionals like Vaughn Gittin Jr, Chelsea DeNofa, Loren Healy, and many other athletes, as they compete in different disciplines for the top spot on podiums globally.

Grounded in values
Keeping it in the family

The success of MBRP has been driven by firm values that are rooted in family. Over the years, almost every one of Martin and Ginger’s family members, including children, siblings, nieces and nephews, have had a part in the company’s growth and understood the risks and challenges that have made MBRP what it is today.

25 years later
25 years in business and MBRP sticks to the principles Martin and Ginger founded the company on. They also work with a lot of the same people. Their relationships continue to be a large part of their success with vehicle builds, as well as marketing and promotional opportunities. MBRP is much more than just Martin and Ginger. It’s about all of the employees, the loyal partners, and the devoted fans.

Martin & Ginger's Promise
“We will always be a company that’s built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts”

Martin Barkey’s world has always revolved around motors. His passion to go fast has been underlined by the simple principle that stock isn’t enough. With that in mind, the goal of MBRP has been to give people products that were better than stock - better sound, performance, quality and style - while staying within an accessible price point. Martin and Ginger believe that you always need to keep the ball rolling, hold your head high, and show that you care.

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