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Based in California, Apex Wheels has over 15 years experience creating function-first, race-proven wheels, designed by an in-house team of full-time engineers who are diehard motorsport enthusiasts. Started in 2007 as a passion project, Apex has grown into a team of 30+ staff members across 9 states, and a warehouse with over 15,000 wheels in stock.

We offer lightweight Forged wheels and Flow Formed wheels with specifications that are ideal for those looking for real performance and not just motorsport styling or fashion. The wheel industry is an unregulated Wild West where anyone can claim any manner of performance for their wheels, whether it’s true or not, to boost their perceived value. And as more false, misleading, inaccurate claims get made, the more diluted the idea of “performance” becomes.

Apex Wheels exists to protect motorsport enthusiasts from wannabe performance wheels, and we strive to create a world where enthusiasts can recognize the B.S. so that real performance wheels become the obvious choice. Our commitment to performance shows up in every step of our engineering process. From the forging dies we designed from scratch to make our unique profiles, to the time consuming independent testing and certification we get for every new design. (Yes, it slows our product launches to a crawl, but it ensures our wheels are more than just talk.) All done to make wheels that are stronger and lighter at an unmatched performance-to-price ratio.

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